On 8 September 2021, the McGowan Government announced an end to logging of native forests to preserve at least an additional 400,000 hectares of karri, jarrah and wandoo forests. From 2024, timber taken from south-west native forests will be limited to management activities that improve forest health and clearing for approved mining operations. This significant announcement, as well as the impact of a drying and warming climate in the south-west, will be reflected in the Forest Management Plan 2024-2033 (FMP 2024-2033)

The draft FMP 2024-2033 is being prepared by the Conservation and Parks Commission (through the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions).

More information about the FMP 2024-2033 is available at dbca.wa.gov.au/forest-management-plan

If you have any questions about the FMP 2024-2033, please email forest.info@dbca.wa.gov.au.

Page reviewed 18 Oct 2022