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31/03/2009  - Release of Yalgorup National Park Performance AssessmentThe Yalgorup National Park Performance Assessment is now available.  Click here to view the document.
30/03/2009  - Release of Forest Management Plan (FMP) 2004-2013 Mid-term Audit of Performance

In accordance with Ministerial conditions attached to the Forest Management Plan 2004-2013, the Conservation Commission has undertaken a mid-term audit of performance of the plan.  The purpose of the audit is to assess the extent to which management of land to which the plan applies has been undertaken in accordance with the plan.   The audit report provides information on the status of implementation of actions proposed in the FMP, the extent to which key performance indicator targets have been achieved and the outcomes of audits and compliance monitoring undertaken as part of the implementation of the plan. Some of the key FMP actions addressed in the audit include progress of implementation of formal reserves proposed under the Protecting our old-growth forests policy; implementation of fauna habitat zones; the annual removals of wood products compared to the sustained yield estimated by the plan; soil management; and the management of the effects of climate change on forest ecosystems. The audit has been submitted to the Environmental Protection Authority for review and has been released for a three month public comment period.   Organisations or individuals interested in commenting on the mid-term audit report are invited to provide comment in writing or by email, by 30 June 2009, to: 

Environmental Protection Authority

Attention: Colin Murray

Locked Bag 33,

Cloisters Square

Perth Western Australia 6850


To view the Media Release please click here

To view the full report please click here


Forest Management Plan 2004-2013 Implementation Status 2005 & 2006 reports,
download 2006 report and 2005 report.

22/05/2008Agenda for action released on international day for biological diversity, download agenda.
22/05/2008Agenda for action - Parks and Protected Areas Forum, download agenda.

Assessment report for old-growth forest nomination within Warren forest block, download report.

 - Forest Management Plan 2014 - 2023 Environmental Scoping Document

Each ten year period, as required by the Conservation and Land Management Act 1984, a new management plan for the south west of Western Australia is required. The Conservation Commission and the Department of Environment and Conservation have commenced the process for the development of the next Forest Management Plan which will apply for the period 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2023.

An environmental Scoping Document has been prepared in accordance with Western Australian Government procedures and released for public review. The Environmental Scoping Document describes the proposal, summarises current knowledge about the area, identifies environmental issues associated with the proposal and further works to be carried out and provides an outline of the contents for the Public Environmental Review (PER).

Click here to view the PDF

 - Community information sessions for draft forest management plan
 - Reminder - Draft Forest Management Plan 2014-2023
 - The public comment period for the Draft Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 has closed.