Periodic Assessments


By section 19(1)(g) of the Conservation and Land Management Act 1986 (the Act), several of the functions of the Commission in relation to management plans for land and waters vested in or under the care, control and management of the Commission, whether solely or jointly with a joint responsible body are -

  • to develop guidelines for monitoring; and
  • to set performance criteria for evaluating; and
  • to conduct periodic assessments of,

the implementation of the management plans by those responsible for implementing them, including the CEO (Department of Parks and Wildlife) and, if the land is State forest or a timber reserve, the Forest Products Commission.

Periodic assessment report cover - Jurien Bay MP & Turquoise Coast Islands
This periodic assessment report provides an end‐of‐term review of the management plans for the Jurien Bay Marine Park Management Plan 2005 -2015 and the Turquoise Coast Island Nature Reserves Management Plan 2004.