Position Statement: Artificial structures in marine parks and reserves

Context and Background

Marine parks and reserves in Western Australia are established under the Conservation and Land Management Act 1984 (CALM Act). The Conservation and Parks Commission (Commission) is also established under this Act and is the statutory body to which marine parks and reserves are vested (i.e. legally entrusted).

The Commission plays a pivotal role in the development of management plans, establishment of marine parks and reserves, periodic assessment of management effort and preparation of policy.

Position Statement: Periodic Performance Assessment of the implementation of management plans

The Conservation and Parks Commission considers performance assessment to be a vital component of good governance. To be effective, performance assessment should occur on a periodic, or cyclical, basis to enable the condition of the conservation estate and the effectiveness of management actions to be measured over time. To reinforce its importance, undertaking periodic assessment is a statutory requirement of the Commission.

Position Statement: sea wrack management in marine parks and reserves

The Commission’s Position

At times, requests were made to the Commission regarding the removal of sea wrack from beaches in marine parks and reserves to alleviate odour, insect, safety and aesthetic concerns. In principle, the Commission does not support the removal of sea wrack from any marine reserve but special circumstances will be considered.