Please note that for the purposes of this Service Level Agreement business day and business hours refers to Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm (Western Standard Time), excluding Western Australian public holidays.

Service category: availability

Availability refers to whether or not the website as a whole is available or not. If the website is not available at all for example, due to a server going offline, this is called an outage. Website up-time status will be automatically monitored, and outages should be detected without needing to be reported by a user within five minutes of the outage occurring.

Service quality standard

Outages to be detected within five minutes, and full service restored within 24 hours.

Service category: faults 

Faults refer to functionality on an available website that does not work as intended, such as search not returning results, pages not loading at all, or very slow response times. A fault may also refer to the site being unavailable for only some users. Some faults may need to be reported before they can be addressed, while other faults may be identified through automatic monitoring.

Major faults refer to significant functions (for example, search or very slow page load times) that do not work as intended for any user. 

Minor faults refer to significant functions that do not work for only some users, or for non-significant functions (for example, one page not working or slightly slower page load times).

A fault can only be acknowledged if the person reporting the fault provides contact details. 

Service quality standard

  • Reported faults to be acknowledged within one hour (or one hour of start of next business day if outside standard business hours).
  • Major faults to be rectified within five business days.
  • Minor faults to rectified during the next regular update of the website.

Service category: queries

Queries refer to questions, comments or complaints raised about or through the website, including requests to update or edit content. Queries will usually be raised through the feedback form located on the Contact us page.

A query that relates to information or an issue that is assessed as highly significant or critical will be treated as a fault, and responded to within the fault time frames.

A question or complaint can only be acknowledged and responded to if the person submitting the query provides their contact details.

Service quality standard

  • Submitted queries to be acknowledged within one business day.
  • Complaints to be responded to within five business days.
  • Questions and other issues to be responded to on a best efforts basis in line with available resourcing.

Performance Standard

The above standards should be met at least 90% of the time.

Page reviewed 30 May 2018